The European feed sector is the major supplier to livestock farmers and a key actor in the animal production chain. The quality and safety of animal feed is a key factor within an integrated European approach for the supply of sufficient, safe, high-quality and healthy foods based on products from animal origin (egg, milk and meat). In addition, feed and feed production technologies also need to be sustainable and environmentally friendly. By valorizing certain byproducts from the food industry as feed ingredients, the feed sector already plays a crucial role in preventing that these byproducts become a waste and a burden to the environment. This latter can also contribute to the production of affordable feed for the farmer and food for the consumer.


Various challenges lay ahead for the European feed industry. By taking up these challenges and by identifying opportunities for e.g. technological innovation, the sector can increase its competitiveness and strengthen its essential role towards the farmers as a supplier but also as a user of agricultural products such as cereals. Furthermore the industry can continue to contribute significantly to the supply of animal food products that fully meet the various expectations of the consumer (quality, safety, affordability & health) and the social expectations of the citizens in Europe.


Three words capture the vision of the animal feed sector in order to reach this ambitious objective: innovation, internationalization and talent. 


In order to realize this vision, several feed industry organizations across the EU decided to establish the EUFETEC, in close collaboration with the academic world and research institutes. This EUFETEC has the ambition to initiate and coordinate a European response to priority industry challenges in areas such as Sustainable Feed & Environment, Feed & Food Quality and Safety, and Production Unit Management. This response will focus on harmonized and cross border innovative RTD, the subsequent development of practical guidelines, training and service provision. Through this sustainable and structural collaboration - also with relevant European Technology Platforms - a competitive European feed industry can continue to play its various roles within the European market and society.